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Rohith Saraswathi is a well known story teller who has inspired and ignited hearts, minds and souls of thousands of people by sharing his unusual life stories.He has climbed the tallest peak in the world, "Mt Everest" not once but twice. The total height of Mt. Everest is 8848 meters. In 2017 January, he reached an altitude of 5550 meters above sea level. In 2019 march he reached an altitude of 6100 meters above sea level. Travelled 10,000Km on his motorcycle all the way from Kashmir to Kanyakumari spreading awareness about chasing dreams in 2018. Visited 143 distinctive educational institutions and hosted a story telling session addressing more than 48000+ students across India

Rohith Saraswathi-Profile

Today, he is a full-time engineer turned into a full-time story teller. He speaks at various schools and colleges and is currently making videos to make people chase their dream on a daily basis. He gives insights on pursuing your passion and overcoming fear of failure.


Born and raised in Bangalore city, he studied in RV Boys high School, completed his Pre-University in SSMRV PU College. His childhood was not a cake walk. Since a tender age of 7, he picked up numerous odd jobs like being a newspaper kid, delivering milk packets from door to door in the early mornings, as a cleaner in a textile factory and many more to beat the heat of his financial responsibilities. He started teaching in the year 2008 to random students who found difficulty in trignometry on the roadside footpath of National College, Jayanagar. His teaching career has begun without expecting even a single penny from his students as tution expense. Over a period of 11 years, he has taught more than 8000 students.

Later he joined one of the top colleges in the country, RV college of Engineering. There he stood out to be one among the first 3 Indian students who bagged the World's most prestigious scholarship award, a whooping amount of 6 Lakhs rupees which covered the complete expenses of his engineering fees.

In the penultimate year of Engineering, he landed with 3 job offers from MNCs such as Cognizant, ABB and Nestle. He joined Nestle, World's No1 FMCG Company in the year 2012 and work with them for half a year in Haryana. Later he joined ABB which is an electrical and automation leading company in the world and worked with them for 4 long years.


He took a brave decision to leave his corporate life and stepped into pursuing his dreams. Over a period of interospection, he realised that he had lived a minimalistic life by getting his salary and paying his bills at the end of each month. In this juncture, an incident which happened in his 6th grade striked his mind. That's when he decided to pack his bag and start his journey towards fulfilling his dreams.


was to stand on the tallest peak in the world, Mt.Everest. In order to do so, he hitchhiked all the way from Bangalore to Kathmandu, Nepal covering a distance of 3100Km. Later he went on to climb the Mt.Everest. The journey was tough and breathe taking. Coming back alive from that place was not so easy. The greatest lesson that the mother mountain taught him was " Each one of us possesses a reservior of untapped evergreen energy inside us and by releasing this potential one can bring anything that they conceive in their mind into reality".


was to spread the importance of chasing dreams not just by words but by action. He started his bike trip with a vision to ignite the minds of the young people of our mother land. He took up a mission of travelling 10,000km all the way from kanyakumari to kashmir and wanted to meet 10,000 people in person on the way. He designed a logo exclusively for this project called "Chase Your Dreams"- CYD which has it's known innate meaning and this is the biggest CYD ever written on the planet earth with a total dimension of 4022 km which you can get to see it from another planet making his travel path exactly look like CYD.


He couldn't meet 10,000 people but ended up meeting 4380 people which is again a good number. The biggest lesson his bike-trip taught him was "Dream so big that, even when you fail you end up doing better than the rest" and that's the beauty of setting big goals.


as he overcame his fear of failure. While he sat down and started thinking about the ways to reach out to the young people of our country, the idea of visiting schools and colleges came to his mind. With an intension to finish what was started, he began to go around different schools and colleges all around the nation sharing his life story. The sense of being an inspiration by igniting the minds of the students was beyond imagination. Over a peroid of 24 months he has visited 128 distinctive educational institutions and addressed over 38000 and more students.


Our country/world doesn’t lack dreamers but for sure it lacks the people who are willing to die for their dreams.
Having said that, like the way a person requires 20-25 ingredients to prepare tastiest and yummiest biriyani(veg/non-veg), a person has to get equipped with 300-400 mental ingredients to cook up their big dream of life and bring it to reality without fail. Rohith Saraswathi is giving those mind ingredients in the form of short stories on daily basis using the most powerful tool called “STORY TELLING”.
He is trying in all possible ways to inculcate infinite amount of positivity into young minds so that we will end up producing the next Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Elon musk, Lionel Messi, Swami Vivekananda or a person who can make a dent on this planet, here in India, before departing. The videos are available in his instagram profile.
Check them at Qries


lies not in the work that he does but he considers to be successful on the day when one single person turns up and shares his/her success story after being inspired by his story.


India, for the privilages that it has provided me, I wish to give back to the country, young minds nourished with courage, confidence and enuthusiasm and to set big dreams and fulfill them without giving up.

- Rohith Saraswathi

Infinite love to one and all

7 odd jobs that thought him value of hard work

  • Newspapers and milk packets delivery boy
  • Cleaner in a textile industry
  • Flower vendor
  • Server
  • Office Boy
  • Executive at a call center
  • Teacher

7 books that always have something to teach him

  • The Alchemist
  • Who Moved My Cheese
  • Eat That Frog
  • Monk Who Sold His Ferrari
  • Ignited Mind
  • Losing My Virginity
  • The Winning

7 Institutes that gave him big crowd

  • RV College of Engineering
  • Dayananda Sagar College Of Engineering
  • Dr.Ambedkar Institute Of Technology
  • NMKRV PU College
  • Jain University
  • BMS College Of Engineering
  • St. Mary's Girls' High School

7 most favorite one liners

  • If you don't take risk,you can't eat rusk.
  • If you think you can,if you think you can't, either ways you are right.
  • You are going to die.Make a dent on this planet before you leave.
  • We are Indians bro and Indians don't give up.
  • Don't add days to the life.Add life to the days.
  • If you want something, go get it. Period
  • Do that thing which scares you the most.

7 most valuable lessons life has taught him

  • Be kind to everyone
  • Learn to stay alone
  • It takes courage to be compassionate.
  • The one who conquers himself is all able to conquer the whole world
  • The only person who can stop you from going behind your dreams is you alone.
  • If your friends fail you well our Indian population is 1.3 Billion
  • Always approach a stranger expecting "NO" as an answer so that "YES" comes as a delight to you

7 people who inspire him

  • A P J Abdul Kalam- Greatest Teacher
  • Lionel Messi- World's Greatest Football player
  • Ellen Degeneres- One among the kindest person on the planet
  • Colin o' brady- Mountaineer
  • Naveen Jain- A person who dreams beyond imagination
  • Richard Branson- Virgin group of companies
  • Pratap Tumkur Renukaswamy- PHD. scholar in Belgium University