He wants to convey all of you that he quit his 9-6 employment in ABB in December 2016 in order to pursue his dreams. He continued for exploring and hitchhiked 3100 kilometers right from Bangalore, India to Kathmandu, Nepal.

He travelled 3100 kilometers in the trucks, lorries and in vans. Out of the 3100 km he walked nearly 200 km carrying 17kg backpack and 7kg knapsack with a camera holding tight on his right side and a sleeping bag hanging out to his left. All put together to make it to 27kg on his body!!

While he went on to climb the tallest peak in the World Mt Everest, he touched its base camp which is at an altitude of 5364 meters above the sea level (ASL). He saw something unusual in the mountains. For the first time in his life, he was exposed to temperature that was as cold as - 38-degree Celsius and contained only 30-40% oxygen which was insufficient to survive.

He was wearing a thermal wear, six T-shirts, three jeans, four sets of socks, two sets of gloves, two caps to cover his ears and a two layered thick coat to beat that bone wrenching cold temperature. In spite of the fact that he had consistent headache due to AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) for nine days at a stretch and though the blood was oozing out of his nose for two days and he experienced fever for six days, he didn't abandon that excursion until he arrived at the goal, EBC!! (Everest Base Camp)

He saw something unusual up there in the mountains. On 27th January 2017 night at 7pm, in a spot called Gorakshep which sits at 5180 meters above the sea level, he had a word with a person from China (Traveler and a professor from Shanghai University) and who was no more by next day morning on account of AMS.

There was a blizzardous snowstorm which was exceptionally extreme in its inclination. One of the neighbourhood guides working in Mt Everest area for over 16 years revealed to him that he, himself hadn't seen something to that extent in his entire profession on the mountains. That snowstorm was brutal and it was first of its sort. There was just thing that existed between Rohith and mountains was only an issue of "life and demise". Returning alive from that place was not all that simple. Thank God he endured and survived it all.

In such a deadly circumstance, when the wind was gushing at 155kmph and snowfall happening all over that spot at - 17 degree Celsius, there was no edge for a single mistake. Without knowing this reality, another china man removed his shades to pose for a photo for two minutes. Boom !! he lost his vision because of the harm made by the snowflakes with outrageous wind speed. This entire episode happened right in front of his eyes.

“Mountains forced me to look deep inside myself & figure out if I really have the physical & mental toughness to push myself when I was completely exhausted to give up on my journey. But once I came back and turned back towards Mt Everest, I realized that I was able to face that mountain & overcome that mountain despite the challenges I faced there” that’s a mountain lesson

-Rohith Saraswathi