The task of meeting remaining number of people out of 10000, he targeted schools and colleges with an intention to implant the seed called “Dreaming big” into the minds of young people of our country and working harder than ever before to bring it into reality.

He knows it without a doubt that it may not occur overnight. It may take weeks, months or years. He is certain that it will occur for sure. So the entire thought of visiting schools and colleges being a part of CYD and the 10,000 km bike ride is to discover one individual person who is sitting towards the edge of our nation and is holding back to go behind their dreams, pursues that and becomes successful in it after being inspired by his stories.

In event of coincidence or fortunately, if his story has inspired, ignited or motivated any one of them, then on that day they go out and set big dreams, go after that and return back successfully accomplishing it and discloses it to him standing as an example of overcoming obstacles and move him with their success story is the day when he considers the undertaking CYD to a successful extend and up until that, it is to be in the condition of progressive mode.