Quoting,"I have ocean of love for those who are chasing dreams but on the other hand, I have universe of regrets for those who are not". With this intension, he started the project called CYD which stands for "CHASE YOUR DREAMS".

As a part of the project, he travelled 10,000 km inside India within 21 days and has stamped the logo which he designed that came after 112 iterations on India map so huge that you can even find it from another planet matching his travel path precisely look like CYD. This is the biggest CYD ever written on the earth with a total dimension of 4,022 kilometers. It was not just merely a bike ride. It's a greater amount of spreading and making a mindfulness about chasing dreams among the youngsters of our nation to set enormously big dreams and go behind it without giving up.

He wanted to travel 10,000 kms and meet 10,000 individuals in person as mission of the project. He printed the stickers of 10,500 in quantities of the same logo and took it alongside for his whole journey. Whenever he used to meet people, he used to place it on their chest and snap a photograph. He failed big time since he couldn’t meet 10,000 individuals within 21 days however he could only meet 4,380 which is again a major number. This is the importance of setting up exceptionally huge dreams and pursuing it.

To know the natural profound importance of the CYD logo, please click on the link underneath,watch the video and read ahead.

Basically there are four colors in the logo which has got it's own significance.According to him, chasing a dream happens in 3 steps which are very simple in nature

1. Dream Big

One has to set their dream/goal so high or so big that it must seem to them like a severe danger which is why the first letter (C) in the logo is RED in colour which denotes DANGER

2. Taking a first step

Taking a first step towards the dream itself is half done. But while completing the remaining half, a person will undergo lot of pain, face severe hurdles, even in fact he/she will get into the depression as it will not be a cake walk and thus the second letter (Y) in the logo is represented black in colour which denotes DARKNESS

3. Success

If the person striving hard to accomplish the dream, taking one step at a time with a laser like focus and working relentlessly without "giving up", he/she will surely hit the bull's eye which is why the third letter (D) in the logo is yellow in colour which denotes LIMELIGHT

The backdrop of the logo is green in color beacuse he personally believes that each one of us on this planet are gifted with evergreen infinite amount of potential energy which is rooted deep inside us to bring anything that we dream into reality

"The beauty of setting big dreams is that even when you fail, you will end up being better than the rest".

-Rohith Saraswathi

Few Glipmses Of my Journey

Difficult Roads lead to beautiful destination