"Today's so called motivational speakers talk to students about psychology and try to motivate them to scale greater heights (with a fake accent and great oratory skills) but aren't qualified enough to talk about what success feels like and what it can offer. But an actual achiever is what it all takes for us students to get motivated. The story that Mr Saraswati had, flavoured with his humbleness had a striking impact on me and my peers. We continued to discuss about the session for a very long time and we still do at times. The story is what is required in a motivational talk. The talk, the interaction, the language, the aura and the vibe were all just right. I am truly motivated to a great extent. I will continue to hustle to conquer my Everest as sir quoted. I will crawl but will never stop."

Vaishnavi K M Presidency South (Previously in JVVP)

It was really inspiring talk.Actually from my childhood I always wanted to be a singer.After hearing your speech today,I made up my mind that I'll have to start working on it.I have been taking training from almost 12 years.So after listening to your speech,I have decided to start a YouTube channel of mine.Thank you for your speech which inspired me and made me think of how I can accomplish my goals.

Rachana Ramkanth RNS PU College

Yes it will have a greater impact, I believe it's already serving its purpose and helping people to gather the courage to follow their dreams.


Now a days, students are going away from the colorful world when they step into this field that is engineering. They think that, if they know about some shit programming languages they can win this world. That is utter bullshit & what I'm saying is wtith repsect to my perspective. So, in this environment we need these types of non-technical talks in particularly engineering colleges. I want to share some other information. I hope you know about Chakravarthy Sulibele Sir he always motivates all the youths to have love towards them & for the country. I'm from Shivamogga & living in JIT Boy's Hostel, as I've seen in all the High Schools & PU Colleges there will be a talk held by Sulibele Sir & in B'lore none of the Institutions wants their students to get to know about the current situation going around us.

Sanath Kumar S Jyothy Institute Of Technology

Yes, I do agree,, ur speech ignited a fire in me, ur speech made my inner soul to wake up, & made me ready to conquer the whole world, I am 19 now by 29 I will be on top of the world, the reason behind this is ur speech, which has & which will change my life course,, u have a vision & mission in ur hands go ahead with it Bro, we will all support you brother,,,, jai hind

Bharath cs Jain university

"Yes definitely!A wise man once said after failing to climb the Mt.Everest - "" I will come again and conquer you because as a mountain you cannot grow but as a human being I can"".The session was inspiring to the fullest. The way Rohit Sir described his journey to the Everest, I could literally feel the Himalayan cold chills surrounding me. As a Poet, I admire the way he described his experiences especially the use of adjectives. When you come outside the storm, you won't be the same person that walked in. That's what the storm is all about. Similarly, Rohit Sir came back ""Fearless"". Impacting the society is not so easy unless you have achieved something beyond their expectations. So we have to set goals so big that they laugh and crush them while they watch. We are all extinguished flames of the candle and by the motivational talk of Rohit Sir which was definitely like a spark which ingnited in us "" the flame of hope"" and that reborn urge to chase our dreams which we once thought were not possible. It would be a great thing if you continue to touch lives and inspire each beating heart around the world by your motivational talks. Conducting workshops relating to your Everest journey and instilling in each one of us the fuel for chasing our dreams."" If you can dream it, you can do it!"""


The speech was so good that any person with some will to do something will definitely be encouraged.

Monisha Gowda Jain University

"It impacts has a good way for the society who are all the Indians and more over your speech was ultimateSo inspirable each and everybody in the society at wt ever age like young old people etc ... and the end one thing I wanna say is your the person Who gains all our hearts more over No words to speak about u sir"

V samrat Kanishka SGT Sree guru thipperudra college ballari

Yes. The talk helped many of us get back to our feet to work over what we are truly interested in achieving. It was truly inspiring as to see how dreams can be achieved with little resources too once made a decision

Ananya G.M. R.V. College of Engineering